New career for the Manège Militaire

New career for the Manège Militaire

“Manège Militaire, Quebec City, Les Voltigeurs de Québec – crop” Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Quebec City (Québec) 18 September, 2014 – The Armouries of the Voltigeurs which was destroyed by fire in 2008 is going to be rebuilt as a cultural and community services building rather than be used as a military training centre.

One of the more attractive buildings seen from Ave. Grande Allée, the old Manège Militaire as it’s known locally, is going to be reinstated as more of a commemorative centre and will include several odes to its predecessors in the form of artifacts and paintings depicting the activities of the 35e Régiment de genie de Combat du Canada, (les Voltigeurs being the 9th battalion), and the 629 Air cadets Squadron.

The building already housed a museum before the fire and fortunately the items were not damaged allowing the new commemorative structure to display most of the original pieces.

The 35th Canadian Combat Regiment is the oldest French-Canadian regiment still active in the Canadian Military.

There will still be a military presence in the building as it will continue to house the office of the Commandant and about 25 administrative military personnel.

The Voltigeurs already have a new installation on boul. Pierre-Bertrand Boulevard which is shared for the moment with the Royal Rifles of Canada and the Air cadets.

The original Manège Militaire (Armouries) was built in 1885 and is considered a National Historic Site.

It is a magnificent building and when the reconstruction is finished it will once again be an important landmark for the city and the country.

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