New delegated representative for Quebec in NYC

New delegated representative for Quebec in NYC

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 November 2014.

The new Liberal government in the province has made some changes to its representative in the city of New York.

Dominique Poirier, who was the delegated person assigned by the previous Parti Québecois government has been replaced by Jean-Claude Lauzon.

The reason for the change is not known but, Mme Poirier was offered a post with the city of Montreal as an International Commissioner for the city. Her contract in New York was for 3 years ending in 2016 meaning she will still be drawing her salary of $175,000.

Mme Poirier was chosen to represent Quebec in the big apple when André Boisclair, also assigned by the Parti Québecois, had to resign because of a court battle for defamation of character against another politician in the last provincial election.

The new representative is an industrial psychologist who has held various management positions in the past for such companies as Korn/Ferry and Ernst & Young.

The province maintains an office in New York City as a promotional and cultural representative bureau to amplify the image of the province for tourism and trade.

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