New Electric Meters – Owners to Check Safety Themselves

New Electric Meters – Owners to Check Safety Themselves

Quebec City (Quebec) July 12 2015 – Two things stand out from recent information conveyed regarding the installation of new generation meters Hydro-Québec. Besides the fact that the crown company reiterated that fire hazards are exceptional, the base hosting the new radiofrequency devices are the property of the building owner and under their full responsibility.

The spokesman for Hydro-Québec, Serge Abergel, argues that there are no compatibility issues between existing bases and new meters installed. So there is no immediate risk, except for 500 cases that were listed by installers. This is a proportion of 0.015% of a total 3.3 million next-generation meters in place. There remain 500,000 to replace. The owners have been notified, or will be, because the presence of hot spots detected early could cause a fire.

This remains extremely rare. However, be aware that an electrical installation can deteriorate with time. A porcelain base in which the counter inserts may wear or deteriorate. When a space is created, there is possibility of occurrence of the electric arc.

“It is important to remind customers the need to periodically inspect their electrical installations. The recommendation has been made by the Corporation of Master Electricians of Québec. It may seem unknown, but it is a reality. The base is actually part of the electrical installation of the client, while the meter belongs to Hydro-Québec,” noted M. Abergel.

According to him, bases can be faulty regardless of the type of meter, whether of old or new generation. The phenomenon of hot spots is neither new nor attributable to the counters, since they occur as a result of the degradation of the electrical socket of the owner.

“When installing a meter, our installers carry out various checks which have been taught during their training. If they suspect the presence of hot spots in the base, a note is on file and Hydro-Québec will contact the customer to inform and remind him of the importance to quickly inspect its electrical installations by a master electrician,” reiterated M. Abergel.

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