New Five and Ten Dollar Polymer Bills Next Fall

New Five and Ten Dollar Polymer Bills Next Fall

Since the release of polymer banknotes, counterfeiters seem doomed to misery. And it is not over, thanks to the arrival of small cuts!

With the arrival of the Bank of Canada’s new polymer banknotes, counterfeiters are having a very hard time replicating Canadian currency. Their struggle is not over with the arrival of the new small cuts.

Canadian-polymer-banknotes1Very new, and very attractive, the new $5 and $ 10 dollar bills in polymer will be released for circulation in the coming fall. Similar cuts of the $20, 50 and 100 dollar bills were released at the end of 2011, these bills have the very same elements that the other bills have, making them “easy to verify and hard to counterfeit,” announced Phuong Anh Ho Huu, the senior representative of the Bank of Canada in Quebec.

“The unique combination of transparent elements and holographic images makes the polymer banknotes much safer.” They are much less fragile as well as these new bills have a much longer lifespan than the previous paper notes. A seven to eight year difference, compared to an average two to four year lifespan for your average $20 dollar bill.

People tend to be forgetful at times, that is true. Though do not be afraid of forgetting your bills in your pocket at the beach, or accidentally running them through the wash cycle! These bills are much more durable than the old ones.

Following the release of the first polymer notes, concerns were expressed over the high temperature resistance of the material. It was said that they would melt if exposed to high temperatures. “This is an urban legend says the representative Phuong Anh Ho Huu. The notes were sent to six independent laboratories where they were subjected to extreme temperatures ranging from -75 ° C to 140 ° C. They withstood the tests perfectly. They did not melt and did not change in appearance. “

Currently there are over 1.7 billion banknotes in circulation that are both paper and polymer. Currently there are over 860 million $20 dollar bills in circulation, versus the 120 million $10 dollar bills. The bank of Canada states that following the release of the new $5 and $10 dollar bills, polymer banknotes should largely dominate the market.
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