New Hopes of NHL Franchise Moving to Québec City

New Hopes of NHL Franchise Moving to Québec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 June 2015 – The recent announcement of additional teams by the NHL has added fuel to the fire of NHL hopefuls in Québec City. The National Hockey League may take the opportunity to get rid of dead wood and, in turn, offer the market of Québec a lower cost franchise.

“As to whether I believe in the return of the Nordiques in 2017, yes, but most likely through a move, together with the announcement of the expansion teams,” says André Richelieu, a professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal and sports marketing specialist.

And he is not the only one to believe. “I keep hoping for a quick move and in this context, the only city that is ready is Québec,” said Mario Lefebvre, a former Conference Board and author of the book Power Play.

For his part, Professor Richelieu believes that it is not trivial at all that the NHL has chosen to wait for its expansion in 2017. This period could give the league the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman pretends that the league is in full health, but during that time, teams are not rolling in money. The league could impose a deadline and cut franchises that are lagging behind.

Meanwhile, M. Richelieu evokes a dozen cities that could “presently” host a hockey team. Among them, several strong candidates: Las Vegas in first place, but also Houston, who could play spoilsport.

“It is possible that the NHL decided to go with an expansion for cities that are willing to offer the wholesale price to offer Québec the opportunity to join the league at a lower cost, also in 2017”, which would also ideal as a realistic scenario, according to André Richelieu. A team already established would be cheaper and would have more chances to win.

All this could even be announced the same day, according to him, just to show that all is for the best in the best of worlds.

And why such a gift to Québec? “Interpersonal relationships can make a difference and as such, Quebecor has a foot, if not both, in the door and even in the living room of Governors.” Recall that TVA Sports and Rogers signed a $5.2 billion deal for the dissemination of NHL games.

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