New Ice Rink for the Plains of Abraham

New Ice Rink for the Plains of Abraham

Ice, Ice Baby – Yes, it’s going to be permanent.

If the public skating rink at Carré d’Youville isn’t enough for you, there is going to be a new one on the Plaines of Abraham starting the 20th of December. Yep, a new refrigerated ice rink will be up and running for the Christmas holidays.

For the last few years Quebec has sponsored the winter Pentathlon competitions using an outdoor skating surface that quite often ended up melting whenever the weather became a little more clement causing havoc for the organizers of the event.

This year the money has come through to build a refrigerated rink that can be used for international gatherings like the ITU’s winter Triathlon and the Pentathlon. The installations will be permanent from Dec 20 to mid March and will be available free of charge for the citizens of Quebec City as well as tourists, outside of the two specified international activities.

The Pentathlon takes place from Feb.22 until March 9th and includes the Triathlon at the same time, so it’s open to the public most of the winter.

That makes two temperature controlled skating rinks open to the public in the upper town area in a city that celebrates winter five months of theyear and it’s good news for all those folks who like to don their skates and take the kids for a spin on the ice; how nice.

Get your skates on, folks – we’ll see you there.
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