New idea in zoology comes to Quebec City

New idea in zoology comes to Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 December 2014 – Based on an idea picked up from the Zoo de Paris, a local entrepreneur has decided to open a new centre where people can go and spy on animals in their natural habitat, at the same time getting some fresh air and exercise.
It’s called Zoofari and it’s only half an hour from downtown out in L’Ange-Gardien on the way to Mont Ste. Anne.

One of the co-owners of the project, Yves Côté is glad the centre was able to open sooner than expected and hopes the adventure will become another unique winter experience for local residents and tourists alike.

The land on which the Zoofari is situated used to be a private hunting domain which over the years has become less and less popular by its patrons. M. Côté thought of using the land and the animals as an attraction for children and adults alike to be able to walk through the woods and have a 99% chance of meeting up with some wild animals, such as deer (red and white tailed), wild boars, wapitis (elk)and even some mountain sheep.

A part of the land has been kept as a hunting ground but does not interfere with the section reserved for the “animal kingdom” which boasts a population of 100 animals with more to come.

M. Côté makes it clear that the experience is not like visiting a regular zoo where animals are in cages or enclosures, rather his animals are in the wild exactly like you would see them in a normal forest.

The Zoofari opened its doors officially on August 30 of this year and has so far welcomed over 1,500 visitors.

There are two guided tours daily, and snowshoes are recommended during the winter.

Don’t forget your camera.

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