New literature center to open in October

New literature center to open in October

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 March 2015 – The upcoming Thanksgiving will see the grand opening of the new Maison de la littérature, which has been under construction for the last year. The new center will be in the old Institut Canadien, on Chaussée des Écossais that has been undergoing an extreme renovation to accommodate the new institution. The building has been refurbished at a cost of $14.6 million and will serve as a library, an art center and an author retreat for the literary population of the city.

The new cultural center will be a remarkable place for everyone and anyone who needs a quiet place to go and read or enjoy poetry readings, or study certain pieces of art that will be displayed on regular intervals, according to Julie Lemieux, the city’s cultural Councillor.

The opening date is strategic for the city this year as the following weekend will see the PEN International convention being held in Quebec City. The convention attracts some of the worlds most prominent authors, such as Umberto Eco, Margaret Atwood, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Montreal’s Yann Martel.

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