New Quebec talent show coming to small screen

New Quebec talent show coming to small screen

Montreal (Quebec) 11 August 2015 – One of Quebec’s more famous entertainers, Gregory Charles, who sings and produces in French and English, is in the process of preparing his new show called Virtuose, which will be concentrating on young musicians from across the country who excel in classical music. It could be described as a talent show but, there will be no judges and no unfounded “critiques”.

The show, which will be broadcast on Radio-Canada (French) starting this winter, will consist of ten episodes with each one promoting three different young virtuosos under the age of 18. The talent will be of a classical nature because, according to Mr. Charles, not enough attention is paid to the young classical musicians who often spend hours practicing their piano or violin without any real recognition from a media filled with rock, pop and country music.

The show will present talent from across Canada and not just be concentrating on Quebec, which is a first for such a classical style program. Radio-Canada admits it will be a show directed at a specific audience but reiterate that it is time to give credit to the classical music world.

There will be a musical coach on the show and not a panel of judges like on American Idol. Marc Hervieux, a well-known tenor who has sung his operatic pieces around the world, will simply give some advice, if needed, to each contestant.

There will be a winner chosen however at the end of the 10 episodes on a grand “finale” show which will add some competitive interest for the television viewers.

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