New technology resource centre for the visually impaired

New technology resource centre for the visually impaired

Quebec City (Quebec)  20 October, 2014 – A new centre for the visually impaired in the region was up and running last week, and at a cost of $100,000, the people involved are entirely satisfied with the results.

Different volunteers and suppliers pitched in to create the centre which is known as the CCCL (Centre Communautaire Caecitas Lions).

All equipment in the facility is adapted for those people who have any kind of visual impairment and is available for all age groups. Special computers with large print or brail keyboards etc. are the norm.

The idea is to help those who suffer from blindness or its symptoms to be able to adapt to the technological world we live in today hoping some may even be able to find work in areas where they could be hired for their skills, rather than be turned away because of their special challenges.

The centre will be open 7 days a week from 8 to 11pm and will be staffed by volunteers, partners and community workers.

On hand for the opening, of note, were Charlesbourg’s provincial Minister for employment and Solidarity, M. François Blais, the Federal deputy for Haute St. Charles, Mme Anne-Marie Day and the mayor of Ancienne-Lorette, M. Emile Loranger.

Several representatives from the surrounding Lions Clubs were also on hand.

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