Newborn baby found dead in garbage bin

Newborn baby found dead in garbage bin

Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix (Québec) 23 February 2015 – In the small community of Métabetchouan, just east of Saguenay in the Lac-St-Jean area, a newborn baby was found in the garbage bin of a residence.

The discovery was made after the woman presented herself at a nearby hospital complaining of stomach cramps.

At the hospital the doctors noticed that there were remnants of a placenta which would indicate that the woman had recently given birth.

Curiosity sent the police to the woman’s home to investigate if in fact there was a baby on the premises. After a quick search a baby was found in the garbage.

An investigation has been opened as to who put the infant in the garbage, whether or not the child was stillborn or alive at birth, or even if the case could become a possible homicide.

Police are not disclosing any details for the moment until the matter is clarified by the three residents of the home.

When questioned, the husband claimed he had no idea there was a baby in the garbage.

According to neighbours, who were not surprised to see the police at the house, no one had any idea that the woman living there had been pregnant for up to 30 weeks.

Police apparently visit the house often for other things which nobody seems to know too much about.

All the neighbours could say was that the family seems to be somewhat introverted and isn’t too active in the community.

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