News from the American Colony of Quebec: May 2013

News from the American Colony of Quebec: May 2013


INFORMATION MEETING     MAY 22, 2013    10:30 am

The US Consulate staff will be holding an information meeting on May 22 to address some of the most frequently asked questions by Americans living in Canada. Some examples of the issues to be discussed are:

Is there a time limit for registering a child born abroad?
How does an American re-enter the US after living abroad?
How can I file for Social Security while living outside the US?
Are we eligible for healthcare under the recent changes in the US?
How can I get help from the IRS with back taxes?

US Consul General Peter O’Donohue and Consul Stewart Wilson will do their best to answer these questions and more, and will also be providing contacts to us for further information.

Registration is mandatory to attend the information session, and our location will be determined once we know the number of attendees. You may register by contacting one of the following:

Isabel Sullivan Barry (418) 527-5288

Jill Gagnon (418) 650-9590

Nancy Thomas

It has also been decided that our group will no longer operate as a formal organization with membership dues. The American Colony of Quebec was founded during the early days of World War II, and has served our community for more than 70 years. We recognize that there continues to be a need for an American network, particularly for information sharing with regard to common issues that we share as Americans living abroad. We hope that you will join our Facebook page (The American Colony of Quebec), where we will post any updates or happenings. The Facebook page is also a great way to meet other Americans living in the area.

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