Night rider fined $440

Night rider fined $440

Lévis (Quebec) 4 September 2015 – A 63 year old biker, Gilles Frénette who was riding his bike on a bike path at 11.45 pm on Wednesday night was heavily fined for breaking a law which states that no bicycles are allowed on a bike path between 11pm and 5am the next day. M. Frénette has been doing the same thing for about ten years and was completely surprised by the fine and was not aware of such a city by-law.

The same by-law applies to the city of Quebec only the morning hour is 6am instead of 5am. M. Frénette was taken by surprise when he suddenly saw a police car driving down the bicycle trail coming towards him. He questioned why a police vehicle was allowed to drive on a path reserved for bicycles.

The fine in question, $440 is also a concern for M. Frénette, and rightly so. The fine for a first offence of riding a bike on a trail after 11pm is $150 plus $70 administration fees for a total of $220. According to the spokesperson for the Lévis police department, the amount prescribed for M. Frénette’s ticket was apparently an error, either from the computer program or on the part of the officer who wrote the ticket, and the fine will be corrected and mailed to M. Frénette’s residence this week.

So cyclists beware, riding at night could cost you, and watch out for cars driving on the trail if you are, it just might be a police vehicle.

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