No food trucks this year for Quebec City

No food trucks this year for Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 February 2015 – Call them what you want, food trucks, rolling restaurants, mobile canteens, whatever; you won’t be seeing any of them in Quebec City this year.

It’s becoming a popular tradition to have these, let’s call them food trucks, parked at strategic places around a city to offer up some grub for those who are on the run or just want to eat a juicy hamburger with fries in a local park.

Montreal gave the green light to these types of food trucks two years ago and it has shown to be a success. Most of them are run by existing restaurants who simply offer the same food as their original establishment only at a more convenient place and price, meaning a lot of the food is actually healthy and tasty.

They are very popular in Montreal, Ottawa and as far afield as Washington DC.

The city of Quebec has been tossing the idea around for some time now but, can’t come to a conclusion as to whether or not it would be suitable for this area.

The city, especially the city councillor Julie Lemieux who is in charge of the project, is hesitant to go forward with the idea having concern that it could affect the restaurant business as a whole.

The restaurants in the city are already having a tough time making ends meet and her concern is that with food available at your doorstep, maybe the clientele would avoid going to the restaurants altogether which could cause massive closures.

Quebec City relies on tourists and their willingness to spend money in the city.

If the tourists turn to food trucks for their daily lunches it could have a dramatic effect on the existing restaurants.

The city will keep studying the idea and will make an announcement in the future but for now, it’s business as usual for the restaurant industry in this city.

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