No fuel economy for new RTC hybrid buses

No fuel economy for new RTC hybrid buses

The new hybrid buses ordered by the RTC at a cost of $ 650,000 per unit, or 30% more expensive than diesel buses, will not offer the expected fuel savings.

This is the preliminary result of the tests on the model circulated on the no. 7 bus route in the region. This contrasts with the manufacturer’s promises, Novabus, who said that these hybrid buses generate a 20% fuel economy, however that could be up to 30%.

The situation is all the more surprising that the current vehicle being tested is equipped with the new Series E technology, which allows it to be 100% electric on a number of kilometers.

It should thus have better fuel economy.

The Novabus spokesperson, Anne-Louise Chauvette, stated that the data was innacurate – noot “valid” or “representative of reality.” The cold weather in February could have interfered with results.

“It’s like if you make a long study, but you take only one day. To be valid, the data must be recorded together. If we take partial data, we risk being wrong, “she said, but refused to make public the current results public.

The RTC, however, has another explanation to explain these poor results. The problem comes from the fact that the data has been “corrupted” and it will repeat the tests.
Ms. Chauvette ensures that there will be an average savings of 20%, as required in the contract signed with the PSTN. “It’s a technology that is proven. We are not in the research and development business, “she said, unable to specify further.

Launched on 19 January, the pilot project on these hybrid buses is to continue until April 30. These tests should be used to determine the best vehicle operating conditions, with or without the E series.

In the end, however, buses will be put into circulation during the year, since they have already been bought.

Thirty-one buses are to be delivered in June.

It is interesting to note that neither organization has wanted to clarify the fuel consumption of a diesel-type conventional vehicle versus the current consumption of the hybrid bus for the month of February.

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