No Money for Tramway System, says Mayor

No Money for Tramway System, says Mayor

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 February 2015 – The on-again, off-again project of giving the city a new tramway system is decidedly off again, at least as far as Mayor Labeaume is concerned.  The idea has been discussed intermittently for over 12 years, with feasibility studies commanded by various branches of government over the years.

However, any hopes at expanding the city’s public transit beyond its bus system – which many find a lackluster service – have been dashed in recent statements by Mayor Labeaume.  Speaking out about the project, he was categorical: it’s just too expensive.  The Mayor reiterates that, for a city like Québec, a tramway system remains the best public transit option to encourage people to abandon their personal cars, but that the city must find more creative alternatives that will be less expensive.

The city once had a public rail system until 1948, when the boom of automobiles resulted in the service being replaced with more space on the roads for drivers.  However, with the city’s growing urban sprawl and citizens’ reliance on single-occupancy vehicles, there’s growing concern that the city’s streets and highways may be reaching a critical mass of cars on the road.

For now, the city is still looking at alternatives with the bus routes currently serving the city.

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