No More Monkey Business: La Faune Domestique Shuts Down

No More Monkey Business: La Faune Domestique Shuts Down

Québec City’s favorite monkey is moving to warmer climates after entertaining local residents and touristes alike for over 30 years. The famous pet store ‘La Faune Domestique’ is regrettably closing its doors for the last time on the 4th of May of this year.

La Faune Domestique was a very special place for families as it had a huge aquarium, a waterfall, and some special critters that one could only see in certain zoos. It was a favorite place to go when the weather was nasty or to show the kids how much we could be similar to apes when watching the antics of Eugene, the Japanese Mackaw, who could scare the heck out of you when he would jump on the windowsill of his private compound.

The owner has had to admit that sales have subsided and that the bad publicity from the media concerning animals bought from pet stores were badly treated or unhealthy, has forced him to shut down.

An offer was presented to buy the land on which the ‘Faune’ is situated and the owner, who is now 68, took the decision to go while the going was good, stating that running a pet store is unlike other retail businesses as the animals need constant care and the overhead is significantly higher.

The owner would like the public to know that all his animals were well treated and that they will all find new homes throughout Canada and the USA; Eugene himself will be going to a sanctuary in Carignan.

If you haven`t already visited La Faune, you can still go until the end of April, to say good bye to Eugene, or to the friendly Parrot who greets you at the door.

About 12 employees will unfortunatley lose their jobs in the transaction, some of whom have been loyal to the store for years.

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