No reduction in French students at Université Laval despite higher tuition fees

No reduction in French students at Université Laval despite higher tuition fees

Main pic: English: Flag of Laval University, Quebec City. Français : Drapeau de l’Université Laval, Québec. Photo credit: Cephas.

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 September 2015 – The new increased tuition fees for students from France attending Université Laval don’t seem to have had an effect on the number of students registering for the 2015 session.

Last year it was hypothesized that because the Couillard Government had abolished the special status clause for French students wanting to come to study at Université Laval, the number of demands would probably diminish.

As it turns out the number of French students registered for 2015 has actually increased. The number is up by 27 as compared to last year, when the special rates were still in effect, for a total of 589 compared to 562. The total number of students from France attending Laval is now 1,601, an increase of 111 at the same date last year.

According to the dean of the University, Denis Brière, who was convinced the numbers would decrease, the fact that the residence fees are less than anywhere else in the country and the lower cost of living in general as compared to France, could account for the fact that the increase in tuition didn’t make a difference.

The fact that a degree from Université Laval is also a treasured piece of paper, as it is recognised on an international scale, could also be a factor.

M. Brière is obviously pleased by the new numbers.

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