No restaurant in Place des Canotiers

No restaurant in Place des Canotiers

There will be no restaurant in Place des Canotiers. The City of Québec refused to modify its zoning to allow the development of a food concession.

The Quebec National Capital Commission (NCCQ) canceled the public call for tender issued last August to find a restaurant that would handle the food concessions at Bois-de-Coulonge, Quai des Cageux, and the future Place des Canotiers. Four restaurateurs from the area had raised their hands: Nourcy, Auberge Saint-Antoine, 47th Parallel, and Montego.

Commission spokesperson Anne-Marie Gauthier explained that at the time of the call, the City of Québec intended to adopt a zoning amendment that would allow the establishment of a restaurant on Place de la Rue Dalhousie.

City’s will

“The City no longer wants to change the zoning to allow for a food concession. It (the City) has a different view of this site and the Commission does not intend to oppose it. ”

The mayor of Québec City clearly indicated his intentions to the CCNQ in early March. Paul-Christian Nolin, spokesperson for Régis Labeaume, said that the city “did not want to create unfair competition for restaurateurs.”

The CCNQ is currently evaluating its options pertaining to awarding the contract for its other two sites, said Gauthier.

When called to comment, the office of the Minister responsible for the National Capital states that François Blais intervened to ask the CCNQ to regularize the situation.

Blais intervenes

“The minister asked to settle the situation as quickly as possible,” said press officer Simon Laboissonnière. “We wanted the restaurateur who was chosen to be notified quickly and he was yesterday [Wednesday].”

Mr. Blais was also surprised that the environment was not consulted.

Mayor Labeaume himself hinted last spring that the satellite public market could set up shop at Place des Canotiers, before changing his mind a few weeks later.

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