No sidewalk – no mail

No sidewalk – no mail

Beauport (Quebec) 18 March 2015 – In an older section of the borough of Beauport, the mail delivery service has been suspended for an indefinite period because it has become too dangerous for the postal workers to walk on the street to deliver the mail to about 89 houses which are on the side of Avenue Royale where there are no sidewalks.

Most of the houses affected are very old residences which are two or three feet from the road making it impossible to build sidewalks.

The postal workers union claims it has become too risky to have mail delivery workers walking on the street, especially in the winter months.

The residents concerned, some of whom have had their mail delivered to their door for 40 years, were told they would have to pick up their mail at the local distribution centre which is in a nearby pharmacy, until the problem could be resolved, if indeed it can be.

The pharmacy in question is about 2 km away making it difficult for some of the more elderly population to get down and retrieve their mail on a daily basis.

The only solution is to have Canada Post use those right hand drive trucks to deliver the mail, where the inert vehicle will protect the worker while carrying out his duties. Both sides hope to find a satisfactory solution to the problem within the near future.

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