No Cuts to Professors at Université Laval, says Rector

No Cuts to Professors at Université Laval, says Rector

Quebec City (Quebec) January 25, 2015 – With all post-secondary establishments facing budget cuts from government austerity measures, Université Laval needs to find some way to skim 20M$ from its budget.  All options are open – cutting sabbaticals, additional workloads, changes to classes – except one: Université Laval rector Denis Brière has made it clear all professors’ jobs and salaries are safe.

Universities have been hard-hit by government belt-tightening, and remain an ever-ready flashpoint for social upheaval.  In 2012, students marched out to protest cuts to the loans and bursaries program, leading to the largest social movement since the 1995 Referendum, and later in the same year university budgets were retroactively cut by 124M$.

Rector Brière points out that other universities have gone as far as cutting in their professorial staffing to meet the needs of the budget restrictions, and that 20M$ represents 200 professors, and so while no professors’ jobs are on the line, they may see changes to their sabbaticals, benefits, and course load.  The closing of certain programs or option classes is also on the table.

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