Nordiques and Debt Before Olympics, Mayor Says

Nordiques and Debt Before Olympics, Mayor Says

Quebec City (Quebec) January 18, 2015 – For the time being, at least, hosting the Olympics is not on Mayor Labeaume’s list of priorities for the city.  He made that much clear in recent statements, saying that he did not think the people of Québec should consider hosting Winter Olympics until the Amphitheatre construction was complete, the city was host to a professional hockey team, and the city had begun taking serious steps to paying down its debt.  Only then should the city begin to think about another Olympic bid, he says, and even then, he seemed unconvinced it would be the proper path to take.

Québec City’s last (and only) Olympic bid dates back to 1995.  The city had made a bid for the 2002 Winter Olympics, which were ultimately awarded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to Salt Lake City.  The bid process had been mired with an enormous corruption scandal, which forced ten members of the Olympic Committee and top Salt Lake City bid leaders.  According to standards at the time, Québec ranked lowest among the four shortlisted cities, in large part due to lack of a sufficiently tall mountain for the downhill skiing events.  The IOC has since relaxed many of these standards, but nonetheless, the mayor does not seem pressed to repeat the city’s experiences.

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