Nordiques Foundation: Still Hope for the Gala Triomphe

Nordiques Foundation: Still Hope for the Gala Triomphe

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 June 2015 – Despite the conflict against the City of Québec, the Fondation Nordiques has not yet cancelled its Gala Triomphe in its complete form inside the Colisée Pepsi.

Crossing out six months work is not easy, said managing director of the Fondation Nordiques Nicolas Labbé. The manager of the agency chaired by Marcel Aubut highlights the efforts that were made to the organization of the gala, which rewards athletes.

“Just the athletes who were to participate, we’re talking about 100 athletes who had confirmed their attendance. It is not just anything. All figures, all artists, there were people in there, it was big. It was not four people who all tell a story. It’s a lot more than that. Six intense months we worked on it to tie it all up.”

Although no decision has been made, the organization is still considering the possibility of keeping intact the elaborate concept of the Gala and keeping it in the Colisée. “It’s an option. Its part of the things we look at. ”

One certainty remains: the athletes will receive their awards, reiterated M. Labbé. “We just do not know what form it will take.”

But it will take into account the schedule of recipients. This is why the Foundation looking towards the fall, the next available window between two seasons of competition and training. “The Colisée Pepsi will be available,” he says, as the Remparts will have moved to the Amphithéatre Vidéotron.

It is precisely a scheduling conflict with a playoff game with the Red Devils had led to the cancellation of the event. The Foundation then sent a formal notice to the city, accusing it of failing to comply with its contract.

Is it in this context that the Foundation and the City will talk for the resumption of Gala? “I am tempted to say yes,” says Nicolas Labbé. “But what will happen exactly? I do not know.”

M. Labbé declined to comment on the issue of notice or whether a lawsuit will eventually be brought up. He also wanted to keep confidential the number of donors who have chosen to get their money as a result of the cancellation of the Gala.

At the office of Mayor Régis Labeaume, press secretary Paul-Christian Nolin declined to comment.

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