Nordiques? What Nordiques?

Nordiques? What Nordiques?

Main Pic – Peter Stastny in March 2010 in a game between Quebec Nordiques alumni and Montréal Canadien alumni in Québec City. Photo credit: Tsunami330

One Quebec City resident’s thoughts on the return of The Quebec Nordiques.

Two years ago Quebec City residents were treated to the thought that maybe they could get their old hockey team (Les Nordiques) back to town by buying the indebted Phoenix Coyotes; a team which appeared to be for sale at any cost at the time. This whole idea was brought forth by a little guy called Régis Labeaume who ran his whole election campaign to become mayor of the city, on the theory, that he could do exactly that.

Quebec_Nordiques_ShirtHalf the city of Quebec was ecstatic at the very thought of having their team back, and voted in droves for Mr. Labeaume, who won his election with 80% of the vote; obviously his strategy worked.

The next step was to build a new arena (AKA Amphitheatre in these parts) to receive and house the new ‘phantom’ team, which in my opinion was really what the whole thing was about in the first place.

What Mr. Labeaume really wanted was a new arena to serve as his legacy for him having been mayor during its construction and completion and at the same time most likely guaranteeing him a second mandate.

The whole project however was based on getting a new hockey team for the city, so everything was based solely on a hypothesis.

Nordiques comeback a hoax

Earlier this week (Monday, May 7, 2012) it was announced that the Phoenix Coyotes were being bought by a team of “buyers” consisting of a conglomerate of different businessmen including one Canadian, and that the team will be staying in Phoenix, which brings me to my conclusion of what I always believed in the first place; the whole Nordiques comeback was a hoax.

I say this, because throughout the whole Nordiques, amphitheatre saga, which we have endured for two years thus far, there was never anybody with money who was stepping up to the plate, or centre ice if you prefer, offering to put the cash on the table and actually make an offer to buy the team.

In other words, there was never a buyer from Quebec in the first place, which normally would be the first priority. Mr. Bettman’s announcement that the team was staying put in rattlesnake country was an easy one and it came down to one thing; “Show me the money”. There was only one offer on the table and it wasn’t from anyone in Quebec City. We had people, including the Government, offering money to build a new arena, we had a businessman offering to maintain and name the building after himself (strictly for marketing purposes) and we had the land, but we didn’t, and still don’t, have somebody with money to buy a f—— hockey team. Heelllooo.

In conclusion I am only saying what I think about this whole fiasco, and my opinion may not be shared by many, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

To Mr. Labeaume, I can only say, good luck with your new arena and hopefully you can mesmerize the population for your next election by doing the same thing all over again, after all, there must be another team out there who is having financial difficulties. If you’re lucky maybe the NHL will just give you a team because they like you or because they’ll have a nice new arena to play in.

Whatever the case, I hope the population of Quebec City sees through your game and starts cheering for a real hockey team until you come up with a real person to purchase one.

Personally I don’t believe in ghosts.

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