North Pole Awaits Quebec Region’s Leucan Members

North Pole Awaits Quebec Region’s Leucan Members

Christmas Holiday – Leucan Quebec Region

Gathering in the North Pole
For the Quebec Region Leucan Christmas holiday!

Sunday, December 2, 2012, between 10h30 and 12h00

At the Wilbrod-Bherer School gymnasium

Robert Rumily Street, Quebec

This big event, reserved for families who have a child diagnosed with cancer, allows everyone to take a break from daily treatments and hospital visits.

Such an event could not take place without the support of Groupe Investors Office in Sillery as well as the participation of numerous volunteers and other partners such as l’École Hôtelière de la Capitale, l’école Wilbrod-Bherer, and Animation Création Mascotte.

This year, in addition to a brunch prepared especially by l’École Hôtelière, there will be animated games, a crafts workshop, a mascot visit, and a zumba class for kids.

Leucan in the Quebec Region has been in existence since 1987. It is part of the nine regional-director committees, non-profitable organization founded in 1978.

Its mission is to increase the trust in the future of kids diagnosed with cancer as well as their families.

Since 1993, Leucan Quebec has given more than a million dollars to the CHUQ pediatric research clinic.

Apart from that, it ensures a presence for families during the whole sickness process by offering a variety of services such as emotional support and company, financial help, massage therapy, socio-cultural activities and educational life.

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