Not Enough Time to Read a Good Book?

Not Enough Time to Read a Good Book?

Not enough time to read a good book?

There are no more excuses if you visit Saint-Roch in Quebec City, where sidewalks are painted with literary graffiti for the upcoming Festival Québec en toutes lettres

The third literary festival presentation, which starts this Thursday, will focus on the novelist Isaac Asimov’s work. As he did last year with Réjean Ducharme, the organization Exmuro public arts began painting excerpts from a story by Asimov in the streets of Saint-Roch. These few sentences will stay in the area for the next two weeks. 

This is a new experience that people have the chance to try. Vincent Roy from Exmuro and his team have been working since Sunday to cover the sidewalks with extracts from the new Le Sourire Acquisiteur, from one of the novels in Isaac Asimov’s suspense collection. 

The graffiti will begin on the front steps of the church in Saint-Roch and extend on a quadrangle of about one kilometre. It is a puzzle to solve, in the spirit of the Black Widows Club of this prolific American author.

The urban work will be completed by Thursday and signs will be up to be able to read from beginning to end.

Giant letters and artwork will also appear on the front of the Gabrielle-Roy Library and on the front of the Saint-Roch church.

What are you waiting for? Pop and have a look.

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