Nourcy and La Ferme de Quatre-Temps join hands in Quebec City

Nourcy and La Ferme de Quatre-Temps join hands in Quebec City

Life in Quebec was invited back to the Commissariat restaurant in Quebec City for a wine and aperitif event to announce that two big names in the food industry here in town are joining forces to make your dining experience even better.

André Desmarais from ‘La Ferme des Quatre-Temps’ and Michel Bellavance of Nourcy who already runs ‘Le Commissariat’ are teaming up to offer their clientele the most ‘home-grown’ local food you can get anywhere in the city.

By joining forces La Ferme des Quatres-Temps, Le Commissariat and Nourcy are finally bringing the farm’s well known products to the Quebec City region. Their priority is above all healthy and fresh food.

If you don’t know these two names yet, it’s about time you did. La Ferme des Quatre-Temps is a budding and now prosperous hobby-size farm (160 acres) that produces veal, beef, pork, lamb and chicken together with all sorts of healthy vegetables.

Everything is raised or grown under strict organic fashion and after speaking to the animal handler M. Gaétan Morin, I was informed that all ‘his’ animals are treated with care, and even though they are eventually slaughtered, as long as they’re his responsibility, he treats them with the utmost respect, almost as if they were his proper pets.

Nourcy is of course Quebec City’s ultimate catering company and runs several restaurants, including ‘Le Commissariat’ in and around the region.

By teaming up together the two partners have opened a door for these local and fresh products to be sampled, tasted and enjoyed by Quebec City’s residents. La Ferme des Quatres-Temps is already associated with several restaurants in Montreal.

Both Mr. Bellavance and Mr. Desmarais are on a sort of mission to promote healthy eating for all Quebecers both young and old, or if you prefer a ‘new wave’ of eating, as they are very concerned about the poor eating habits of today’s young people.

Anyone can procure these products through Nourcy’s take out and catering outlets or by stopping by the ‘Le Commissariat’ restaurant, where there is free parking, a beautiful, relaxing decor, and even a gluten free menu.

Of interest: La ferme des Quatre-Temps operates 12 months a year and acts as a training ground for future agriculturists in order to revive the small farm industry in the province as it appears to be slowly disappearing.

By producing new markets and promoting local fare, without Government intervention, M. Desmarais hopes to improve Quebecers’ eating habits at the same time helping the Quebec farm industry.

The original farm is situated in Hemmingford in the Eastern Townships with a second in operation at Port-au-Persil in the Charlevoix region.

Nourcy products can be found at their new outlet in Lévis or as a catering option at or 418-653-4051.

‘Le Commisariat’ restaurant is situated in the Marriot (Courtyard) hotel on the corner of Pierre Bertrand and rue des Rocailles.

Job Patstone for LifeinQuebec.


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