Now that Cacouna is out, could Baie-des-Sables be in?

Now that Cacouna is out, could Baie-des-Sables be in?

Baie-des-Sables (Quebec) 13 April 2015 – Now that TransCanada pipeline has crossed off the town of Cacouna from its potential list of oil-loading port potential, it appears like the town of Baie-des-Sables may be ready to welcome the project to their town of 600 people.

TransCanada has not approached the town as of yet in regards to building the port but, the mayor of Baie-des-Sables, Denis Santerre, is open to the idea if he can get more than 50% of the population to buy into the idea. Right now the town’s residents have a 50/50 opinion on the matter. The mayor wants to be sure that the population of his town is on board to an eventual tanker loading dock before talking to the Alberta-based company.

One resident claims that there are always people against projects citing the example of the wind turbines that produce electricity in the town which, before being installed, had protesters up in arms. The turbines are now up and working and 5 new residents have moved into the area increasing the economic activity in the town itself.

The town of Baie-des-Sables is between Matane and Métis, which is not far from Cacouna, making it an ideal site for the future port. Whether or not the mayor can rally his citizens to accept the idea is another story but, he’s hoping he can, if for no other reason than to increase some job opportunities in his village.

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