Nurses’ Association Says Pharmacy Drug Theft on the Rise

Nurses’ Association Says Pharmacy Drug Theft on the Rise

Photo: Christine Dela CernaAccording to the judicial board of the Quebec Nurses Association, referred to locally as the OIIQ, the number of prescription drugs being stolen from hospital pharmacies is dramatically on the rise, in fact it has doubled from the previous year to 20 cases from 10 a year ago.

There are strict rules and guidelines for the control and use of drugs in Quebec’s hospitals and drug inventories are scrutinized daily. It appears however there is a glitch in the system that somehow allows some nurses, who are responsible for distributing medication to patients, to exchange and or replace certain drugs with other substances which can go unnoticed for days without being detected. Vials of morphine for example can be replaced with water, and pill jars can be replaced by filling the supposedly sealed containers with sugar or other ingredients so the weight and appearance cannot be noticed under normal inventory inspection. It’s only when a particular medication is administered that the discovery is made, causing problems for the nurse involved and obviously for the patient who was to receive the medication. Imagine a patient who receives a dose of morphine for example and ends up having no pain relief whatsoever.

Anyone who thinks they won’t get caught is only fooling themselves and the penalty for any employee working in a hospital is very severe, involving  immediate dismissal and most likely banned from their association, disallowing them from ever practicing their trade in the province again.

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