Occupation Double Comes on Strong

Occupation Double Comes on Strong

In the absence of the popular TV show Tout le Monde en Parle, Occupation Double performed strongly in the ratings war on Sunday, surpassing the l’ADISQ gala by about 400,000 viewers.

Preliminary results of the BBM poll, show that Louis-José Houde and friends attracted 1.149 million viewers between 19h30 and 22h20, a decrease of 208,000 pairs of eyes compared to 2011.

Presenting the the event for the last seven years, the stand-up comic continues to draw crowds.

Its worst performance dates back to November 1, 2009: 909,000 people tuned in that evening, according to data confirmed by BBM, which include recordings. Louis-José Houde got his best score in 2008, the tribute to Celine Dion at the Bell Centre: 1, 689, 000 people had responded to the call that time.

After losing against Tout le Monde en Parle during the previous two weekends, Occupation Double in California and TVA took their revenge on CBC/Radio Canada this weekend. 1.559 million viewers watched the unexpected departure of Roxane, up by 213,000 viewers since last weekend.

The suspense surrounding the outcome of the show probably grabbed the curiosity of many fans. For a month now, the eliminations failed to surprise followers of the show, and the views declined slowly but surely.

This additional action will probably revive the interest for the competition, whose viewership dropped since September.
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