Old Ammunition Unearthed on Highway Construction Site

Old Ammunition Unearthed on Highway Construction Site

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 August 2015 – Back in May of this year when digging to start the foundation for a brand-new hardware store in Charlesbourg, heavy equipment operators dug up some old artillery and ammunitions which seemed to be rather suspicious. They called in the police who immediately called in the Army from the Valcartier Base just north of the city.

It was discovered that the ammunition had been dumped there back in the 50’s and early 60’s. The site, as it turned out, was a dumping ground for old metal and unwanted debris when the province was constructing the Autoroute 40, or more commonly known as boulevard de la Capitale.

The army confiscated the artifacts in question and has since identified them – with the exception of one of the articles – as being spent and harmless. One of the remnants however was proclaimed armed and potentially dangerous. It was disarmed at the base.

In the meantime, because of a possible danger and the chance of finding more munitions under the excavation site, the Department of National Defense has sent a team of ammunition experts onto the job-site and they will remain there until the digging is completed which should take about another two weeks.

The military debris taken from the site has been classified and stored at a facility at the Valcartier Army base.

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