Old Colisée de be Demolished, says City Hall

Old Colisée de be Demolished, says City Hall

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 February 2015 – If it is up to the mayor of Quebec City, chances of keeping the old Colisée are low once the new amphitheater has been inaugurated. Again strafed with questions about the future of the venerable building that has experienced the best years of Jean Béliveau and Guy Lafleur, Mayor Régis Labeaume conceded that the demolition was almost inevitable.

“You have to act according to needs in terms of ice time availability in all our facilities. An analysis is underway for the next 15 years including the Colisée. Furthermore, I have repeatedly appealed to sell or transform the building for cheap and I have not received any offers of interest. This may be a signal that it’s not worth investing and that it is better to demolish it,” concedes Mr. Labeaume, adding that the city currently has four obsolete arenas that should be replaced.

For his part, the former president of the Nordiques, Marcel Aubut, still hoping that the city keeps up the Colisée. “One is that my heart is here because it was my home for a time.  I know it takes two arenas for the Olympics, but it will be the decision of the public authorities. ”

The file will be cleared up soon in the working group on the future of ExpoCité table its report. The discussion paper is expected in the coming months.

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