Old folks rule the roost in Quebec City

Old folks rule the roost in Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 September, 2014 – New demographic statistics are out and it appears that the city of Quebec will have more people over 65 than under 19, as soon as next year – 2015.

Quebec City, as a populated area, has always had an older population than the rest of the province but, next year will be significant by the fact that the balance will be in favour of the old folks.

The regions of the Gaspé, Lower North Shore, and La Mauricie have an even older population mainly due to the fact that a lot of young people leave the smaller areas to find work elsewhere.

Quebec City is aging more quickly than the rest of the province and country and will continue to do so in the future according to the new statistics. To replace the lack of young workers the call is out to immigrants, making the city more muticultural, although only 6% of new arrivals choose Quebec City as compared to 70% who choose Montreal.

By 2026 the total population for the province should be around 9 million, and 10 million in 2061 but will still have a strong older population because people are living longer. The predicted longevity will be around 90 years old in 2061 as compared to right now where men live on an average to 80 and women to 84.

This does not mean the city will not advance demographically, it simply means it will just develop slower than the rest of the country. In 25 years from now the population of Quebec City should be around 825,000 as compared to its present 711, 000.

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