Old Port Market May Move to ExpoCité

Old Port Market May Move to ExpoCité

Quebec City, (Quebec) 22 December 2014 – Le Marché du Vieux Port, home to seasonal local produce, may be moving to the grounds where the new arena is being built according to Le Soleil. The idea has been put forward by the General Director of the Marché, Daniel Tremblay. The city on the other hand has several options on the table, one of which is to simply renovate and refurbish the existing marketplace to make it more efficient and attractive. The city doesn’t want to necessarily deprive the Old Port and its residents of its market, which also attracts numerous tourists.

The option to move to the fairgrounds of ExpoCité has other advantages according to M. Tremblay. It would be an opportunity to construct a unique building or even occupy an existing structure which would have more of a market appearance and at the same time have some added features that the existing site does not include. Things like hot water and a proper drainage system are not available at the present installations. M. Tremblay would like to see a distinctive and adapted market which would be a special place and an exemplary model for the local population and tourists alike. He also mentioned that a new site would allow for some expansion and more parking.

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