Olympics? Labeaume Says No

Olympics? Labeaume Says No

There’s a lot of talk going around these days about the Olympics and their impact on the host cities and countries and what the consequences can be for future exposure for those involved, but is it really worth it? Quebec City’s Mayor doesn’t think so.

Has the Quebec City Mayor got it right?

He was approached once again by the President of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), Marcel Aubut, who just happens to be from Quebec City, to see if M. Labeaume would be interested in hosting the Olympics sometime in the future, and the Mayor’s response was a catagorical “no”. His reasoning was logical by explaining that the event has become way too expensive for what it reaps in revenue and publicity, or return on investment if you prefer, not to mention the security involved. He’s right on that point, but there is also another factor which probably plays into his decision.

Quebec City already made a bid for the Olympics way back in 1995 to host the 2002 games and after spending $12 million dollars promoting the event, it lost to Salt Lake City for two reasons. One, there was no mountain high enough to support the Giant Slalom Downhill, and secondly the committee also agreed that the weather was too sporadic.

The city was devastated at the news especially since they had made it to the last round of choices. Imagine today what it would cost to make that same bid.

The two reasons given for refusing Quebec City at the time are still true today, so Mr. Labeaume’s hesitance is well founded even though Mr. Aubut keeps hounding him about the subject.
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