On-Call Dishwashers for Québec’s Restaurants

On-Call Dishwashers for Québec’s Restaurants

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 May 2015 – Restaurateurs of Québec are experiencing a significant shortage of dishwashers, but they will soon be able to “order” staff via a web platform available in the beginning of June.

Whether lack of staff, dishwashers who do not show up, or washers who depart in the middle of their shift, the shortage of dishwashers has become a real headache for restaurants in Quebec .

Thus, in the wake of platforms related to sharing economy such as AirBnB and Uber of this world, a Montréal company comes to the rescue with Plongeur Express.

Serving Montréal and Toronto since 2009, this concept, which could adopt the name of Uppster, will extend its services to Old Québec in the coming weeks. “This is where it seems to be the most problems in Québec,” says the initiator of the project, Yvenson St-Fleur, adding that a mobile application should also be available this summer.

The concept is simple. So far, Dishwashers Express has a bank of a dozen Québec dishwashers holding a minimum of two years experience.

For their part, restaurateurs agree to pay service fees directly to the website or the future application. In total, the restaurant will pay Plongeur Express $19.50 per hour for its dishwasher, of which the dishwasher will be paid $13 to $14 an hour.

Plongeur Express says it is even willing to let the restaurant keep a dishwasher.

“If it works well for them in the restaurant, they may decide to keep that dishwasher,” said the creator of the concept. But this “divorce” from the service provider will have a price between $250 and $500, as applicable.

Plongeur Express offers an “emergency service” to overcome the last-minute cancellations which often face restaurateurs. To do this, the service guarantees a dishwasher within 90 minutes to three hours. “We put the on-call dishwashers in a taxi and it happens quickly. It’s very effective,” says St-Fleur.

While some speak of a service that is “too expensive”, others expressed delight at the arrival of such a concept in Québec.

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