Eve of the School Board Election, Debate Still Rages

Eve of the School Board Election, Debate Still Rages

Quebec City (Quebec) November 1, 2014 – Barely reaching 8% participation the last time around, officials of the various school boards throughout the province are hoping for a much higher turn out this time.  In the context of the government’s search for places to cut budgets, school boards have been called to get the axe by the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), the second opposition party at the National Assembly.

The Liberal government had hinted that vote participation would weigh into their future decisions about the future of school boards, though not going as far as to say if they were considering putting the very existence of school boards in play.  The CAQ had initially announced its MNAs would boycott the election, but disapproval of this flouting of democracy led the party to reconsider its position – CAQ MNAs will now vote (or not) according to their own decision, but the CAQ’s position continues to be for the abolition of school boards entirely.

There does seem to be renewed interest in the school board elections.  For the first time in recent memory, school board election signs have sprouted in the province’s major urban centres, where several seats are facing stiff competition.  This is a dramatic shift in tone from previous elections, where the majority of seats were won by acclamation or, in some cases, left entirely unfilled.

The 5.9 million eligible voters should have received, by mail, all the necessary documentation for the school board election tomorrow.

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