One in two Canadians own a Smartphone

One in two Canadians own a Smartphone

OTTAWA – A little more than one in two (51%) in Canada have reported owning a smartphone in 2012 compared to 38% of Canadians last year, the CRTC reported Thursday in its annual report on the state of our national communication system.

“It is interesting to see the changing of Canadian habits,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, the President of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Board, in a statement.

“More and more Canadians watching and listening to content on their computers, smartphones and tablets, it is they still use traditional radio and television to access most programs” he added.

Six per cent of Canadians have reported watching television on a tablet or smart phone in 2012, according to the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Board.

What are the consequences of the popularity of smartphones in recent years? The number of residential telephone lines has fallen by one million in the last five years while wireless subscriptions have risen by 5.8 million.

There is a price to pay for these communications service subscriptions. In 2012, Canadian families spent, on average, $185 per month on different subscriptions compared to $181 last year.

“Canadians have made greater use of data transmission services and wireless subscribers that have broadband internet offering higher speeds,” said the CRTC.

Nearly eight in ten Canadian households (79%) in 2012 were using Internet services, and they are more likely to use high-speed services.
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