One Island, one vision – should Île d’Orléans amalgamate?

One Island, one vision – should Île d’Orléans amalgamate?

Île d’Orléans (Quebec) 29 April 2015 – Having missed out on the great mergers of 2000 where many municipalities were joined together to form larger more manageable cities, Île d’Orléans residents are debating if perhaps the idea should be back on the table for the 6 townships which make up the island.

A group of citizens on the island, who are pro-merger called Une Île, Une vision are bringing back the idea and is polling the residents to see just how many people would be interested in integrating the six different townships under one banner as first mooted back in the year 2000.

Right now, the island, with a population of around 7,000 constituents consists of 6 towns with 42 elected officials all being controlled by 1 municipal council, known as an MRC. It has the highest rate of elected officials per capita than anywhere else in the province, with a municipal representation for every 166 residents.

Une Île, Une vision has sent out a questionnaire to every island resident asking them if they would like to negotiate the merger of the six towns which would reduce the tax burden on the island considerably. The mayors and municipal councillors are all opposed to the idea, which is why the group wants to poll the residents. The group is convinced that the majority of the inhabitants would be in favour of some kind of fusion under one governing body.

With the existing system each municipality has to have whatever changes they want for their particular town approved by the MRC which is like having one governing body make the final decision, but involving two sets of paperwork and two councils to arrive at the same conclusion; perhaps a perfect example of too much red tape and a waste of taxpayer’s money.

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