One month old baby horribly abused by father

One month old baby horribly abused by father

Warning: This article may upset some readers.

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 April 2015 – A 31 year old man appeared in court this week accused of having assaulted his one month old baby back in November of 2013.

When the baby arrived in hospital early in the morning of November 11, the doctors at the emergency room at the CHUL hospital couldn’t believe the state in which the baby was in after their examination. The back of its tongue had been severed, the palette had been impaled and the child had two broken ribs. There were also marks on the baby’s face caused by holding the infant by its cheeks to try and stop it from crying.

At first the parents tried to convince the doctors that it was their older child, 19 months, who had mistreated the baby but, the doctors weren’t buying the excuse and knew very well who was to blame.

The father was taken into custody two months later in January 2014 accused of assault causing bodily harm. The father finally admitted having squeezed the baby too strongly a couple of times in the past, and that the night before coming to the hospital had forced his fingers down the throat of the boy to force him to drink from his bottle.

The man has a problem with alcohol and apparently, according to his partner, can get very violent after having had a few drinks. The man, who had no prior convictions, pleaded guilty to the assault charges and will be sentenced later, in June of this year.

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