One occupant cars still dominate road

One occupant cars still dominate road

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 December 2014 – For the region of Quebec City it appears that the single occupant vehicle, aka driver, is still the dominant presence on the region’s roads.

A study done by the Ministère des Transport du Québec (MTQ) shows that 77% of all travelling in the region is by private vehicle and that 63% of those vehicles have only the driver in them.

The study, which is done every 5 years, shows an increase in the use of the car since 2006, with only 9% of the population using public transport.

During rush hours the percentage is a bit higher with 11% using the buses to get to and from work.

The study, which was done in 2011, also shows that fewer and fewer people are walking to get to their destination. Only 8% of people in the city walk to where they want to go.

Since 2006 more children are being driven by someone to get to their respective schools; kids walking to school have diminished by 10% over the last survey.

Some other statistics show that only 1% of the population uses a bicycle to get to and from a destination, but that figure shows an improvement over the last five years.

The 5% left over is covered under an “other” category which most likely includes motorcycles, scooters and or roller blades etc.

The city would like to have the public transport system become the choice for 20% of the population by the year 2030, doubling its present figure.

Over the past few years, new buses and reserved bus lanes have become a priority for the city planners.

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