Ontario and Quebec united for a better deal

Ontario and Quebec united for a better deal

Peking (China) 31 October 2014 – Most provinces in Canada are on a trade mission in Peking right now trying to drum up more trade and business for their respective provinces and Quebec is no exception.

Most of the time on these occasions Quebec would try to sell its advantages over the other provinces by itself as would the other contenders, this time however, the premier of the province seems to suggest that it would make more sense to have Ontario and Quebec work together to attract opportunities giving the bargaining powers more clout than working alone.

The ex-premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, is also at the table together with Philippe Couillard, and Kathleen Wynne from Ontario as an advisor for the annual Canada-China Trading Council banquet.

According to the ex-premier, having the two provinces working as a team shows that there is less animosity between the provinces than some people think, making the bargaining power much stronger. For Quebec to go it alone only makes the attempt to attract business even harder especially in a large country like China.

Charest thinks it’s better to show co-operation than contradiction because China sees Canada as a whole not as separate provinces. He also explains that there is enough of China to go around without having to bicker as to who will get what.

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