Opération Nez Rouge has a Big Night

Opération Nez Rouge has a Big Night

Quebec City (Quebec) December 14, 2014 – Nez Rouge volunteers performed no less than 527 trips between last night and early this morning to safely bring people home after they’d been out celebrating the holiday season in the Québec City area.  This is more than double the second-highest region (Outaouais, with 230).

Nez Rouge remains an important part of the holiday season throughout the province, as some 3 750 volunteers were active throughout Québec last night.  David Latouche, spokesperson for the 31st year of the program, reminds people that there is still a need for volunteers until December 31st.

Nez Rouge annually raises over 1.5M$.  As a non-profit organisation, this full amount is then turned over to charities which promote youth involvement in sports and athletics.

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