Operation Nez Rouge starts 30th season

Operation Nez Rouge starts 30th season

The founding president of Operation Red Nose , (Opération Nez Rouge in Quebec) unveiled, at Laval University this week, the program its 30th edition of the now famous “drive home” service .

Operation_nez_rouge_logoThis Canadian campaign will run from November 29 to December 31. And to celebrate this 30th anniversary, the agency will be honouring all the volunteers who have contributed and still contribute to the success of the campaign.

The slogan, “30 years old, thanks to you, a long tradition” (translation) has been implemented to recognize all the volunteers who have participated over the last 30 years. Nez Rouge offers office party and local bar patrons the opportunity to be driven home with their own car during the festive season if and when they have had too much to drink. The service is offered in 106 communities across Canada including 63 in Quebec. There are 58,000 volunteers on average with 44,000 in Quebec alone. Québec City boasts 6,000 on average every yuletide season and this year just celebrated its 1 millionth.

There is a new app available for smart phones that one can use to call up a driver and this year it has been revamped to encourage users to tell their stories like why and when they used the service. The stories will be compiled and maybe even made into a reality show in the future, who knows.

Last year the organization drove 87,000 people home safely, 65,000 of those were in Quebec.

Operation Nez Rouge raised $1.5 million last Holiday season which was distributed amongst several different youth and amateur sport organizations.

For more info go to http://operationnezrouge.com/fr/accueil
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