Optel Vision spreading wings

Optel Vision spreading wings

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 October 2015 – One of Quebec’s more successful technology companies, Optel Vision, is expanding operations at their head office facilities in the Parc Technologique du Québec Métropolitain.

The company, a spin-off of the NOI (National Optical Institute) produces a specialized system of optical verification for drug companies allowing those companies to detect any deficiencies in their production of pills and medication.

Because of its highly accurate optical inspection capacities the company has gone world-wide and its technology is in demand by almost all drug producing companies.

They are expanding in Quebec City by about 3,500 sq feet and hiring another 210 people, 170 of which have already been taken on.

The managing director, François Boivin, says things are moving so fast that they can’t keep up with the demand for employees stating there are still 40 posts to be filled by programmers, technicians and assemblers who could start working immediately.

The company already has a manufacturing plant in Ireland and will be opening two new production centres in 2016 in Brazil and India.

So far their technology is being used by 250 different drug producing companies around the world.

The company was founded 25 years ago by Jean-François Lafortune and Louis Roy and employs close to 400 people.

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