Order of Professional Nurses Speaks Out Against Elimination of Key Caregiver Positions

Order of Professional Nurses Speaks Out Against Elimination of Key Caregiver Positions

The Quebec Order of Professional Nurses reacted to the elimination of several positions of caregivers in nursing homes in the province, and asked the Minister of Health to intervene urgently.

The President of the Order, Lucie Tremblay, is particularly concerned as the number of nurses decreases more in several institutions. The Geriatric University Institute, for example, has cut 30 positions.

In May, TVA Nouvelles revealed that a shelter CSSS Bordeaux- Cartierville -Saint- Laurent had no more than one nurse for 196 elderly patients overnight. Another example: in nursing homes in downtown Montreal, the number of nurses has dropped by half since the early 1980s.

When questioned by the opposition in the National Assembly, the Minister of Health, Réjean Hébert, said that he believed Quebec needed fewer nurses and more nursing attendants.

Nurses agree: attendants are essential and there must be more. However, they insist that tasks reserved for nurses have evolved and are no longer confined to the roles they had before. For example, only nurses can make assessments of patients.

When nurses in nursing homes are not enough, they send elderly people to emergency rooms.

“An elderly person has serious chances of contracting infections when they go to the hospital, or to develop delirium or pressure sores,” said Lucie Tremblay. “So, not only for the person itself is catastrophic , but when you look at in terms of cost it may cause, it is appalling. ”

Nearly half of residents in nursing homes are over 85. Two-thirds have at least three chronic health problems, while 60% have cognitive impairment, and 20 % have mental disorders.

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