Orleans Express Tackles Carpooling Head On

Orleans Express Tackles Carpooling Head On

Quebec) Orleans Express wants to entice students away from carpooling. The company is trying intercity departures from Laval University and a promotional rate to the Quebec-Montreal Festivals.

Orleans Express, owned by Keolis Canada, has decided to increase its service between the two largest cities in Quebec in order to win back its student client base. With the popularization of smartphones and the sophistication of booking-platform carpool services, young people are increasingly abandoning buses for cars.  

Marc-André Varin, VP, Business Development, Marketing and Communications for Keolis Canada, also complained about carpooling professionals who fill vans and shuttles between Montreal and Quebec in peak hours.

This service is offered at a lower price, and is not taxable, but Orleans Express must charge GST and QST.

Issue with Rates

The rate issue remains highly sensitive for students. On websites like AmigoExpress or Allo-Stop, a passenger can expect to pay between $15 and $20 to travel between the capital and the metropolis. By bus, a Quebec-Montreal round trip costs $77.26 for students. This is almost double.

Orleans Express’ new proposal sets $22 taxes included as the price of a single ticket for students on Fridays and Sundays.

To accommodate them, four departures and arrivals have been added in the afternoon and evening.

In Quebec, the Desjardins station at Laval University is the major pick up point. In Montreal, it is platform number 7 of the Orleans Express station which is used.

At the Quebec and Sainte-Foy stations, shuttles continue to depart every hour like before.

An evaluation of the new service will be made at the end of the promotion, December 21.

Maybe that’s why Keolis Canada unveiled new buses recently.
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