Orr, My Story

Orr, My Story

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Orr, My Story, by Bobby Orr, priced $32.00, published by Penguin

For anyone who likes hockey or reading about people who have achieved greatness in their life, ‘Orr – My Story’ is a must read.

After getting into Bobby Orr`s autobiography I now have more respect for the game and it’s backroom policies which on the surface may seem lacking, but in reality are very stringent and demanding. The sacrifices hockey players make is astounding and

Orr makes it quite clear just how hard it is to lead a normal life and be a star at the same time.

He is considered the second best hockey player ever, overshadowed only by his good friend, the great Wayne Gretsky. Bobby Orr talks about some of the stars with whom he has shared ice time; names like, Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, and Jean Beliveau, and even Don Cherry who was his coach with the Boston Bruins; all great Canadians who have dominated the world of hockey since the 1960’s.

Bobby Orr broke several defenseman records which still hold today and has won every trophy there is to win at one time or another during his career. In his book we see however, despite his many achievements, that he was and has remained a humble citizen owing a lot of his fame to those closest to him and to his home town fans.

Review by Job Patstone

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Job Patstone

Job Patstone was born in Hamilton, ON. and has lived in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer AB. He is presently living in Quebec City, with his wife. He worked for Xerox for 26 years and was an ESL teacher for another ten.

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