Ostiguy, Patstone and Gaboury at AngloStore

Ostiguy, Patstone and Gaboury at AngloStore

Wednesday 26th October 2011 saw two authors and an award-winning world-famous cartoonist visit AngloStore, the Quebec City English bookstore at Place Naviles.

An appreciative crowd of around 40 people came out for the midweek event and were not disappointed.

The evening was also used as a fundraiser for the 16th Annual Community Christmas Hamper Campaign (more of which, later).

First up was Job Patstone, a long-time Quebec City resident, orginally from Hamilton, Ontario.
Job spoke about his life and his reasons for writing ‘The Patience of Job’, a semi-autobiographical book detailing his childhood and often strained relationship with his father.

You see how this pans out as the years progress.

The latter half of Job’s work allows us to look into his marriage and life with a French-Canadian spouse.

Next up was Brigitte Ostiguy, owner of Les Éditions du Chien Rouge and author of several travel and tourism related guide books.

Her latest offering ‘The Québécois Book’, points out something that you may or may not already know – that you already know, use and understand an awful lot of French words and phrases whether you realised it or not.

While Job got his message across by being factual and to the point, Brigitte was more spontaneous and naturally funny.

The two authors were the perfect foil for each other in that respect.
Two vastly different topics and styles of book dealt with by two completely different types of people.

The artwork on show in The Québécois Book was eye-catching and expertly done.

And so it should be, as the artwork was drawn by non other than Serge Gaboury, the professional cartoonist who lists a long career with Le Soleil, Journal de Québec, Le Devoir, Protegez-Vous Magazine, Croc and many more to his name. 

Serge gave a short drawing workshop and some lucky attendees got to take home signed copies of his work.

He told those present that he wasn’t used to giving talks in English so he’d brought along his best English pens and would ‘draw in English instead’.

Job, Brigitte and Serge answered questions from the audience. Something everyone seemed to enjoy.

There was a collection during the course of the evening for The 16th Annual Community Christmas Hamper Campaign.

This worthwhile and much needed initiative, now in its 16th year, allows those a little less fortunate than ourselves to have a decent couple of  meals over the festive season.

Nancy Thomas from the organising committe was present to receive a cheque from AngloStore for the amount collected.

A huge thanks to all who contributed. It is much appreciated.

Nancy Thomas, from the organising committe of the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign, accepts a cheque from AngloStore owner, Andrew Greenfield.

All of the photographs in this article were taken by Aliceson Kuda Soto Photography

William Hush with Regis Labeaume (as drawn by Serge Gaboury).

The team behind 'The Québécois Book'

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