Ottawa Cancels Funding for International Military Music Festival

Ottawa Cancels Funding for International Military Music Festival

Ottawa is cutting funding for the International Festival of Military Bands Quebec (FIMMQ). After three years of deficit, the Board of Directors confirmed Wednesday that the festival will not take place next year.

The organization had managed to absorb successive losses which totaled $300,000 in three years thanks to a security fund, but the price of certain activities has risen, and the limit has been reached.

Cutbacks in Federal aid since 2011 by Heritage Canada, Canada Economic Development and Veterans Affairs have increased by 50% from $600,000 to $300,000. And the same services provided by the Department of Defence through the army have followed the same pattern, going from $600,000 to $321,000.

Priorities must be set and the Army budgets have to keep into account the salaries and equipment costs to keep the army functioning, and concentrate less on extra expenses.

Numerous discussions have been held over the last three years with Ottawa, without success. The organizers gave the Federal Gov’t until October 1 to assure their help.

In 2013The FIMMQ celebrated its 15th anniversary. The event’s mission is to promote military music and highlight the historical sites and fortifications of Old Quebec.

The President of the Board of Directors is not able to say what will happen to the festival beyond 2014.
The Annual General Meeting will be held in January. Decisions should be taken at that time.

In 2012, with a budget of $3.8 million, The FIMMQ, welcomed nearly 200,000 visitors who spent $ 11.2 million in Québec , according to a SOM study.

It was also announced today Oct. 8, 2013 that the Military budget will be cut by 1 billion dollars throughout Canada in the coming year.
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